Quality of Life

  • Strong economic growth;
  • Top quality public & private education;
  • Leading institutions of higher education;
  • Superior health-care institutions;
  • Affordable housing; and
  • Low crime rates.

Lynchburg residents enjoy a quality of life unparalleled in most areas of the US. A winning combination that sets Lynchburg apart from other Virginia and US cities.

Lynchburg ranks among the top 50 US places to live (Reader's Digest) and very well among the top large US cities for criteria including job, wages & salary, and GDP growth - especially in the high tech field (Milken Institute. View Ratings). Virginia ranks 5th nationally in the development of high tech jobs. Over the last decade Lynchburg saw a 33% increase in high-tech jobs. More than 7,000 people hold jobs in this sector. (Old Dominion University)

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