Public Safety

Nationally Recognized for Excellence! Lynchburg's Fire & EMS Department expects to receive national accreditation on September 13, 2006

Police protection in the City of Lynchburg is recognized as one of the most modern in the country and clears a greater percentage of crimes than the state or national average.
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Fire suppression and prevention services: 165 firefighters and emergency medical personnel operate eight fire stations, Airport Fire and Rescue services and selected emergency medical services at the Lynchburg Regional Airport, and Fire & EMS Training facilities.
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Emergency Medical Services: All personnel are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), with many being Cardiac Technicians and Paramedics. Lynchburg Fire & EMS provides primary EMS response for both emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation within the city. The volunteers of the Lynchburg Life Saving Crew provide additional support as needed. Serving the City of Lynchburg since 1976.
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Enhanced 911 service is available in the city for emergency assistance. The service's computers immediately pinpoint the address of the caller, and help can be dispatched regardless of the caller's ability to give his location.

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