Pollina Top 10 Pro-Business Study Charges Most States Put Up Roadblocks to Economic Recovery

America must be an integral part of global business if it is to remain a superpower, but "thus far we have done a terrible job of integrating ourselves in the 21st century marketplace," says geoeconomist and corporate relocation expert Dr. Ronald R. Pollina in the just-released Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States for 2009: Rebuilding American's Economic Power.

In the annual study of job retention and creation by the 50 states and the federal government, Dr. Pollina emphasizes "the effort to make America more business-friendly must come from all levels of government. Many states are doing such a poor job of creating a pro-business environment that they can't even come close to competing with each other, much less compete globally."

There are, however, states that serve as a model for the rest of the country. Brent Pollina, Vice President of Park Ridge, Illinois-based Pollina Corporate Real Estate and author of this year's study, names Virginia as "America's most pro-business state" followed closely by Utah, North Carolina (2008 winner), Wyoming and South Carolina. For the sixth consecutive year, California ranked dead last.

"In recent years, we have lost millions of the nation's manufacturing, technology and high-wage service jobs, and this trend is escalating." says Brent Pollina. "The federal budget deficit, trade deficits, low interest rates, family debt and inadequate educational systems are and will continue to have a negative impact on the U.S. economic, political and military strength in the 21st Century".

"We are deluding ourselves if we believe that we have not been impacted already, both socially and economically, and that our government, along with American ingenuity and tenacity, will correct for any losses.This report details how many state governments have the resources, but not the will, to keep Americans employed in high paying 21st century jobs."

The Pollina Corporate Top Ten Pro-Business States for 2009 are: 1) Virginia 2) Utah 3) North Carolina 4) Wyoming 5) South Carolina 6) South Dakota 7) Kansas 8) Georgia 9) Florida and 10) Nebraska. The study evaluates and ranks states based on 33 factors including taxes, human resources, right-to-work legislation, energy costs, infrastructure spending, workers compensation laws, economic incentive programs and state economic development efforts. To order the complete 50-state ranking go to www.pollina.com.

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